Calendar Structure

When creating an account, you may request to build a calendar structure that will best fit your event promotion process. All calendars are placed within the UC Davis network of calendars organized by ‘Top-Level Calendars” and ‘Sub-Calendars’ which are viewable to UC Davis Trumba account users.

Please note that it is difficult to delete calendars, so we recommend starting off with a single calendar and decide after usage if you would like to add an additional sub-calendar.

Examples of Situations that Call for the Use of Sub-Calendars:

- You will be promoting specific types of events on a frequent and long-term basis (ie. monthly seminar series)

- Your department contains multiple units that utilize Trumba for event promotion (ex. College of Engineering and the different Major departments

Inform us of your ideal event promotion process, so we can determine the most optimal calendar structure.