Marks for Initiatives and Non-Academic Programs

Getting a mark made

To get help with designing a mark, contact the Repro Graphics design unit.

Units across campus develop programs and initiatives for many non-academic functions. Many have created marks to help visually unify the effort for audiences across campus and beyond.

Because these are efforts by units and not in themselves discrete units, Standard Unit Signatures are not appropriate identifiers. Instead, application of UC Davis fonts and palette colors will tie these initiatives and non-academic programs to the brand. If it is beneficial to include "UC Davis" in the mark as reference, use type only. See examples below.

Do's and don'ts


  • Use UC Davis color palettes and fonts.
  • Create unique designs using typographic treatments.
  • Contact Repro Graphics for help if you are not a graphic designer.
  • Marks must be approved by Jay Leek.


  • Incorporate the UC Davis Wordmark.
  • Complicate marks with graphics or icons if possible. Less is more.
  • Use these to represent academic programs.


examples of logos for initiatives and non-academic programs