Unit Signatures

Getting a signature made

To request a unit signature, contact the Repro Graphics design unit.

Signature Archive

Need an existing unit, school or college signature? Visit the signature archive, managed by Repro Graphics.

Unit Signatures are the only approved logos to represent campus units with few exceptions.

All unit signatures—those for schools and colleges, administrative and academic units and those for centers and institutes—have set templates. All fonts, colors, size and spatial relationships are uniform and cannot be altered.

These signatures combine the UC Davis Wordmark with unit names according to set conventions. There are three types: the Standard Unit Signatures, the School and College Signatures and the Center and Institute Signatures.

Most units on campus will be required to use the Standard Unit Signature.

Graphic: Examples of Standard Unit Signatures

The 10 schools and colleges have optional graphics attached to their signatures. These are a finite, consistent set of marks.

Graphic: Examples of School and College Unit Signatures

Center and Institute Signatures are the newest type of UC Davis mark. Outward-facing, centers and institutes serve as a kind of public “front door” to the university and have unique brand needs. Their signatures include the UC Davis Wordmark, the center or institute name and an optional, custom graphic mark. 

Graphic: Examples of Center and Institute Signatures