Editorial Style Guide: M

magazine names. For campus periodicals, set the names of magazines in italic type; for news releases, use roman type without quotation marks. Per AP, lowercase the word “magazine” unless it is part of the formal title: Harper’s Magazine, Newsweek magazine. If in doubt, check the magazine’s masthead. See the newspaper names entry and the “books and periodicals” heading under the composition titles entry.

maiden names. See the “individuals” heading under the names entry.

majors. See the academic majors entry.

man, mankind. See the gender neutrality and stereotypes entries. Avoid using when referring to men and women (an exception to the AP Stylebook).

Medfly. Acceptable in all references to Mediterranean fruit fly. Capitalize it.

medical centerUC Davis Health System consists of the UC Davis School of Medicine, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis, UC Davis Medical Center and UC Davis Medical Group. When referring to all four entities, refer to them collectively as UC Davis Health SystemWhen referring to one of them, use the specific name for that entity. In subsequent references, health system (lowercase), medical school (lowercase), nursing school (lowercase), and medical center (lowercase) are acceptable. On second reference to UC Davis Medical Group, which is the multi-specialty group practice of the health system, medical group (lowercase) is acceptable. Never use the abbreviations UCDHS, UCDMC, UCDSON or UCDMG. The medical center is a level I trauma center (lowercase level, use Roman numeral I). The physical location of the medical center and medical school is referred to as the Sacramento campus.

medieval. See historical periods entry.

Mexican American. See the Chicano, Hispanic, Latino, Mexican American entry.

Mondavi Center. In text, should be preceded with “the,” though “the Mondavi” (without “Center”) should not be used. Los Lobos is playing at the Mondavi Center tomorrow night. The name alone (without “the”) is permissible in calendar entries. The names of the public spaces (and second reference form) follow:

  • Entire building: Robert and Margrit Mondavi Center for the Performing Arts (Mondavi Center)
  • Main performance hall: Barbara K. and W. Turrentine Jackson Hall (Jackson Hall)
  • Main stage: Jackson Hall Stage (Jackson Hall Stage)
  • Orchestra circle seating area: James H. Meyer Orchestra Circle (Meyer Circle)
  • Studio Theatre: Studio Theatre (Studio Theatre)
  • Main lobby: Rumsey Rancheria Grand Lobby (Rancheria Grand Lobby)
  • Studio Theatre lobby: Paulsen Foundation Lobby (Paulsen Foundation Lobby)
  • Main staircase: John and Betty Vogel Grand Staircase (Vogel Grand Staircase)
  • Gift boutique: Makley Gift Shop at Mondavi Center (Makley Gift Shop)
  • Front plaza: The Sacramento Bee Plaza (Sacramento Bee Plaza)
  • Studio Theatre entry courtyard: Earl and Coralie Corin Courtyard (Corin Courtyard)
  • Green Room: Hibbard E. Williams Green Room (Green Room)
  • Founder’s room on second level: Bartholomew Room (Bartholomew Room)

Moslem. The preferred spelling is now Muslim, per AP.

Mother Nature. Avoid this term; simply say nature or restructure the sentence as necessary (an exception to the AP Stylebook).

motion pictures. See the “motion pictures” heading under the composition titles entry.

mottoes. See the signs and notices entry.

MU II. A room in the Memorial Union. Note the space between MU and II. Use with the building name for clarity: MU II in the Memorial Union. See room entry in this guide.

musical compositions. See the “musical compositions” heading under the composition titles entry.

musical ensembles. See the campus musical ensembles entry.

Muslim. The preferred term (favored over “Moslem”) to describe followers of Islam.