Editorial Style Guide: R

race. See guidelines under the AP Stylebook’s “nationalities and races” and “race” entries. Also see the Chicano, Hispanic, Latino, Mexican American, the African American, and the Native American entries in this style guide.

regents. Per AP, capitalize only as a formal title before one or more names, or when referring to the organizational body by formal name: Regent Richard Blum, Regents Richard Blum and Sherry Lansing, University of California Board of Regents, the UC Board of Regents (do not capitalize “the”). Use lowercase in further condensations of the organizational name and other uses: the regents ruled today, the board of regents met at UC Davis, Monica Lozano was named a regent, three regents opposed the measure. (See the AP Stylebook’s entries on “governmental bodies.”)

Renaissance. See the historical periods entry.

room. Completely identify a location by including the building name and the room’s name (capitals) or number (in figures):

  • East Conference Room, Memorial Union
  • MU II in the Memorial Union (not just MU II)
  • Chemistry Building, Room 16 (or for internal audiences 16 Chem)