Editorial Style Guide: U

UC Davis Chancellor’s Club. UC Davis supporters who each contribute between $1,000 and $2,499 annually in unrestricted funds are members of the Davis Chancellor’s Club. This group was joined in 1995 with two other donor clubs: Emil and Vera Mrak Associates, for those giving $2,500 to $4,900 annually in unrestricted funds, and the James H. Meyer Fellows, for people who give $5,000 or more annually in unrestricted funds. See also the fellow, fellowship entry.

UC Davis Extension. Formerly called University Extension, UC Davis Extension is the university’s continuing education program. Its curriculum consists of workshops, short courses and certificate programs focusing on practical skills. Although it is permissible to use the term Extension (capitalized) on second and subsequent references, care must be taken to avoid confusion with Cooperative Extension.

UC Davis Foundation. The correct name of the nonprofit organization composed of community and campus leaders who foster private support for UC Davis. Before 1992, it was known as the Cal Aggie Foundation.

UC Davis Prize for Teaching and Scholarly Achievement. A $30,000 prize awarded annually to a faculty member who has demonstrated skillful undergraduate teaching and remarkable scholarly achievement. It was established by the UC Davis Foundation through gifts of the UC Davis Chancellor’s Club Fellows.

UC Davis Symphony Orchestra. In second and subsequent references, symphony in lowercase is acceptable. See the campus musical ensembles entry.

undergraduates. See the class year entry.

“UCD Fanfare.” The correct name of the musical composition, per its composer, Jerome Rosen.

university names. See the “college and university names” heading under the names entry.

University of California. In news releases or publications sent to off-campus audiences, spell out on first reference. In referring to the entire University of California, the terms “systemwide” and “universitywide” (do not hyphenate either) may be used interchangeably: Systemwide, library holdings total nearly 23 million volumes. In referring to the central administration of the University of California, however, use the term Office of the President rather than “systemwide administration.” Spell out the names of other UC campuses on first reference: UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, but always abbreviate UCLA; refer to it as UC Los Angeles or the Los Angeles campus only in quoted matter. When used alone, always lowercase university, even when referring to the University of California or one of its campuses. Lowercase the word “campus” in all instances: the Davis campus.

University of California, Davis. Set off “Davis” by two commas: the University of California, Davis, was chosen. “UC Davis” is used in second and subsequent references in news releases and in publications. Do not use “UCD.” Use no periods in UC. Never say the University of California at Davis.

universitywide. See the University of California entry.

unpublished works. See the “unpublished works” heading under the composition titles entry.

uppercase. One word, per AP.

URLs. Use roman type. If a URL is at the end of a sentence, follow with a period. If it must be split on two lines, break it after (an exception to AP, which says before) a slash or dot and make sure that a hyphen isn’t added: registration.ucdavis.edu/UCDWebCatalog. It is not necessary to add http:// at the beginning or a slash at the end.