Strategy and Messaging

The UC Davis brand is the set of perceptions and experiences that come to mind when people think of our university.

As communicators, our job is to influence those perceptions — and strengthen the UC Davis brand — by presenting consistent, credible and authentic messages about the university, our people and our accomplishments.

What it boils down to: every social media post, publication, web page and presentation that we craft and share publicly is an opportunity to stay "on brand." Communications that don't align with our brand weaken it and confuse our audience.

Core messages

  • We nourish and feed the world.
  • We discover and innovate.
  • We advance the condition of health.
  • We enrich life.
  • We empower a dynamic educational experience.
  • We foster a diverse and inclusive community.
  • We protect and sustain the environment.
  • We rank among the world’s best in higher education.


Developing messaging that resonates with your audience requires a very clear understanding of your audience and its needs. Using personas — fictionalized characters based on research that represent different segments of your audience — can give you insight into your audience's interests, behavior and pain points. You can then use that insight to craft and deliver a targeted message. Here are some sample personas, developed by Strategic Communications:

For more information about personas and how to use them, please refer to our archived Communications Council presentation.

For UC Davis facts and statistics to support your messages, please visit our Find a Fact section.