Photo: The campus home page viewed on a tablet

These web resources will help you develop a website that works well for your audience, meets your department’s goals and aligns with the university’s policy and brand.

Start with our best practices, and then check out the campus Content Management System (CMS) information:

  • WordPress for faculty websites gives faculty the ability to create and manage their website.
  • SiteFarm is the next stage of UC Davis Web Content Management.
  • Web CMS is based on Hannon Hill’s Cascade Server and is available to eligible administrative and academic units across campus.

Using a campus CMS is the easiest way to make your unit’s website look like part of UC Davis, and it gives your visitors a valuable frame of reference. Plus, your site won’t be left behind as campus standards evolve.

Further assistance

If you need assistance with interactive media, site design and development, information architecture or search-engine optimization, you have the option of:

The Strategic Communications web and interactive communications team may also be available to consult on your project.

The campus calendar

This is also the place to learn how the campus calendar service can help you manage and promote your department events, register event guests and track important dates and deadlines.