Start Your Project

Are you tackling a marketing and communications project? Minimize your blood, sweat and tears by using these resources.

Get focused

Our Project Management Checklist, Creative Brief, Research Brief and personas will help with organization, messaging and insight-gathering. They will also help you establish clear expectations for your client and get every member of your project team on the same page.

Our Op-ed Resources are designed to help you work with faculty and administrators to write op-eds. 

Get help

Need outside help with your project? Our vendor section includes information about on-campus recharge services and approved external vendors. You can also read and share reviews, which helps everyone make more informed decisions.

Get prepped for your event

If you're planning an event, review our event resources FAQ, which includes information about options for presentations, signage, promotion and gift selection. Speaking of presentations, our presentation and publication templates give you the ability to quickly create branded, designed materials. 

Get the facts

No one has time to dig around for data these days, so visit the Find a Fact page for quick access to stats.

Get to know policy

And finally, if the university policies and procedures haven't quite landed in your GoodReads queue, we've pulled together a breezy curated selection that will be of particular interest to communicators like you.