UC Davis Logos


There are numerous visual assets within the UC Davis identity: the UC Davis Seal; the UC Davis Wordmark; three types of unit-identifying Signatures; Spirit Marks; Sub-Brand logos; and some less formal marks for Initiatives and Non-Academic Programs.

Repro Graphics is Strategic Communications official partner in creating word marks. Any marks created independent of Repro Graphics must be approved by Strategic Communications.

The UC Davis Seal

the UC Davis seal

The UC Davis Seal is the most formal university asset and is used only on chancellor-level communications. An alternate version exists for commercial use

The UC Davis Wordmark

the UC Davis Wordmark

The UC Davis Wordmark is the most common identifier of UC Davis and appears alone or in a “lockup” with other graphics and text. 

Unit Signatures

example of the signature system

The unit signature system is the only approved way that the UC Davis Wordmark can appear as part of a larger mark. There are three types of signatures (shown above, left to right): The Standard Unit Signature, which is the most common; the School and College Signature, which is a standard signature with a campus-approved graphic attached; and the Center and Institute Signature, which is a secondary type of signature specific to these unique campus entities.

You may access existing unit signatures in the Signature Archive, or request to have one made by the Repro Graphics design unit.

Spirit Marks

Athletics Logos

Spirit Marks are restricted to use by Student Affairs, Enrollment, Registrars Office, Undergraduate Admissions and Financial Aid units for student-related communications. For more information, please contact Doug Kouba, 530-752-8676. For Athletics marks, please see here.

Sub Brands

examples of sub brands      examples of sub brands

Sub Brands are rare exceptions to standard logo policy designed by — or under the supervision of — Strategic Communications. These logos are historically granted only to units with a pre-existing marketing effort built around a nonstandard mark, OR to units that have a demonstrable public-facing or retail mission.


Initiatives and Non-Academic Programs

example of program and initiative marks

Marks for Initiatives and Non-Academic Programs represent activities but not units. A unit like Transportation Services would have a standard unit signature, whereas Go Club, a non-academic program that Transportation Services runs, has a distinct mark. This system does NOT incorporate the UC Davis Wordmark but must observe typographic and color standards.