Standard Unit Signatures

Getting a signature made

To request a unit signature, contact the Repro Graphics design unit.

Signature Archive

Need an existing unit, school or college signature? Visit the signature archive, managed by Repro Graphics.

Standard Unit Signatures combine the UC Davis Wordmark with the name of an academic or administrative unit. 

These are the only approved marks to be used to identify schools, colleges, research units, academic and administrative departments and other campus units outside of centers, institutes, graduate groups and student clubs.

Along with Center and Institute Signatures, these marks are the only standardized instances where the UC Davis Wordmark can be used as part of any name or mark. 

All unit signatures have set templates. All fonts, colors, size and spatial relationships are uniform and cannot be altered.

Do's and don'ts


  • These signatures may include one or two organizational levels below the UC Davis Wordmark. 
  • Contact Repro Graphics to have a signature created.


  • Ampersands (&) shall NOT be used in unit signatures.
  • Unit names shall NOT begin with the word “The." For example, "College of Letters and Science" should be used instead of "The College of Letters and Science."
  • Standard unit signatures may NOT contain any additional graphic or text elements.

Signatures and hierarchy

In the examples below, Facilities Management is shown in all acceptable hierarchies, with and without sub-units:

examples of unit logo signatures

Consider your audience in determining the arrangement that works best. For example, audiences who deal directly with Building Maintenance may not need to know that it is a sub-unit of Facilities Management.