Usage Agreement

Usage Agreement

Use of the logos and athletics marks is governed by usage guidelines and by UC Davis Policy and Procedures Manual Section 310-65. Some campus organizations may use UC Davis names and trademarks (see Policy and Procedures Manual Section 270-05 for definitions). Individuals and organizations not covered in PPM 270-05 may not use UC Davis trademarks without written permission of the Associate Chancellor, Strategic Communications. To request permission, please contact the Director of Brand Management and Marketing.

Any commercial use of UC Davis' logos and trademarks shall be licensed and regulated by the trademark licensing program. For information, contact the Trademark Licensing Manager at 530-752-8676, or

By downloading these images you are agreeing to adhere to these policies and guidelines.

UC Davis Trademarks

All variances of names and visual representations of the University of California, Davis, are considered UC Davis “trademarks.” UC Davis trademarks are the exclusive property of The Regents of the University of California. The marks include any trademark, service mark, name, logo, insignia, seal, design, or other symbol or device associated with or referring to UC Davis. Also included are any word, phrase, or image that implies association with the University, such as “Go Ags!”

The University owns these trademarks and carefully manages their use. Any commercial use of UC Davis marks requires licensing and payment of royalties. For information on licensing UC Davis trademarks, contact the Trademark Licensing Manager at (530) 752-8676, or

Use of the trademarks is strictly controlled, per UC Davis Policy and Procedures Manual Section 310-65.

Please read these usage guidelines before using any UC Davis trademarks:

Use of UC Davis trademarks on Web pages

Allowable uses: Web pages owned by the following groups are allowed to use UC Davis trademarks:

  • UC Davis academic and administrative units
  • Officially recognized campus organizations, as defined in PPM Section 270-05

Not allowed: Personal Web pages (of faculty, staff or students) may not use UC Davis logos, seals or other campus trademarks.

Guidelines for use of UC Davis trademarks on campus organization websites

  1. Use of the university name must be consistent with applicable policies for the organization:
  2. The Web page content may not include language or images that are offensive or otherwise reflect inappropriately on UC Davis.
  3. The name, logos or marks may not be used in conjunction with commercial advertising except as expressly permitted on campus Web pages by PPM Sections 270-25 and 310-65.
  4. The marks may be enlarged or reduced, but not altered in any other way.