UC Davis Wordmark

The wordmark is the campus’s preferred campus visual identifier. It may be used for all UC Davis print and electronic publications.

Logo: UC Davis wordmark

The extended wordmark should be used when the campus’s association with the University of California system is especially important for the purposes of the publication.

Logo: UC Davis expanded wordmark

Basic guidelines

Never add names or graphic elements to the UC Davis wordmark (outside of unit logo signature treatments) or incorporate it as part of another logo. Keep the logo readable and avoid poor-contrast or busy backgrounds.

If you have any questions, please contact Strategic Communications! We're here to help.

The wordmark should not be inserted in body copy or headlines. When the university name appears in copy on first mention in a publication, use the campus’s complete name: University of California, Davis. In subsequent mentions, use UC Davis set in type.

Detailed usage guidelines are found here.