Gary May speaking at Commencement with a large UC Davis logo in the background


The Ecosystem

The marks that represent UC Davis are as follows, in order of hierarchy:

  • The UC Davis Seal
  • The UC Davis Wordmark
  • Unit Signatures
    • School and college signatures
    • Standard administrative and academic signatures
    • Center and institute signatures
  • Sub-Brand logos
  • Initiative and Non-Academic Program marks

Repro Graphics is Strategic Communications’ official partner in creating wordmarks. Any marks created independent of Repro Graphics must be approved by Strategic Communications.

A note on endorsements — real or implied
All UC Davis names and trademarks are protected by State Law, University policy and State and Federal trademark law. The University names and marks may not be used to imply, either directly or indirectly, the University’s endorsement, support, favor, association with, or opposition to an organization, product, or service without permission of the University.


The UC Davis Seal (restricted)

UC Davis seal full color     UC Davis seal Aggie Blue     UC Davis seal Aggie Gold     UC Davis seal black

The UC Davis Seal is the most formal university asset. It is reserved for chancellor-level communications and official acknowledgment of courses completed or work performed at UC Davis. Any other use must be reviewed and approved by Strategic Communications.

This is the only approved seal for UC Davis. It should not be recreated or acquired from a web page.

No alternate seals may be created.

Learn more about the UC Davis seal and how it may be used.

The UC Davis Wordmark

UC Davis Wordmark

The UC Davis Wordmark is the most common identifier of UC Davis and appears alone or in a “lockup” with other graphics and text.

This is to be the only official UC Davis wordmark. Alternates should not be created. Outside of this treatment, "UC Davis" should only appear in text so no impression of an alternate logo can be perceived.

Find out more about the UC Davis Wordmark.

Unit Signatures

Standard unit signature   School or college signature   Center and institute signature

The unit signature system is the only approved way that the UC Davis Wordmark can appear as part of a larger mark. There are three types of signatures (shown above, left to right): The Standard Unit Signature, which is the most common; the School and College Signature, which is a standard signature with a campus-approved graphic attached; and the Center and Institute Signature, which is a secondary type of signature that includes an icon. This signature is specific to these unique campus entities, but also allowed for graduate groups and some other units with complex organizations and/or a strong public or external-facing mission.

Unless your department has a designer that has been trained in creating unit signatures, all signatures must be created by Repro Graphics. All signatures designed outside of Repro Graphics must be approved by Strategic Communications. Click here to contact the Brand Manager for a review of your proposed signature.

Existing unit signatures can be found in the Signature Archive.

Learn more about the different types of UC Davis Unit Signatures, the types of campus entities they may and may not be used to represent; and how they are constructed.

Sub Brands


UC Davis Health School of Medicine logo

UC Davis Stores mark

Athletics mark

Sub Brands are rare exceptions to standard policy. They must be designed under the supervision of Strategic Communications. Units with a pre-existing marketing effort built around a nonstandard mark may be grandfathered in. Otherwise, units must demonstrate a public-facing or retail mission or other business need that cannot be addressed within the official identity program.

Sub brand status is automatically applied to municipal services — fire and police — as well as Sports Clubs and other Student Clubs.

Find out more about sub brands.

Initiatives and Non-Academic Programs

goClub and SmartLighting unit signatures

Marks for Initiatives and Non-Academic Programs represent activities but not units. A unit like Transportation Services would have a standard unit signature, whereas Go Club, a non-academic program run by Transportation Services, is represented by a typographic treatment that does not incorporate the UC Davis Wordmark. These marks must only observe typographic and color standards. Any unnecessary graphic elements should be avoided.

Reference to UC Davis can be included in type (no wordmark) as a statement of fact. For example,
Smart Lighting

A UC Davis Initiative

Go Club
at UC Davis

In most instances the program or initiative’s relationship to UC Davis will be clear to the audience without such reference.

All program/initiative marks not developed by Repro Graphics must be approved by Strategic Communications. Click here to contact the Brand Manager for a review of your proposed mark.