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Canva Design Platform

UC Davis Canva for Enterprise Platform

The Canva for Enterprise platform at UC Davis provides access to easy-to-use branded templates across all channels that are pre-approved and customizable. It limits access to just the colors and fonts within UC Davis brand standards, making it easy to ensure consistency and compliance.

This one-minute video offers a quick overview of Canva features. To learn more, visit

Subscription Period: July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023

Access to the UC Davis Canva platform requires an annually billed subscription from one of two pricing tiers.  

  • Individual Seats: $265 
  • Brand Kit package: $2,870

The Brand Kit package includes ten seats and enables capacity for a separate brand kit that bundles the colors, logos and other brand assets specific to your unit.

To begin or renew your subscription, complete the subscription form and a member from Strategic Communications/Marketing will contact you within 48–72 hours with your account access and further tips on getting started. To take advantage of the full-year subscription, fill out the subscription form by August 30, 2022. Otherwise the next sign-up period will start January 1, 2023 and consist of a six-month subscription (at half the annual rate) through June 30, 2023.

Canva Training

To learn how to use the UC Davis Canva design enterprise platform and customize its templates, watch this webinar recorded May 2020. More design training can be found at the Canva Design School.



  • Can multiple people use the same "Individual Seat"?
  • Generally, no. Seats are for individuals. Interns are an exception. They may share a common seat, but they cannot use it at the same time.
  • How can we transfer a seat when there’s staff turnover??
  • Just notify Lexi Trucco ( and from Strategic Communications and we’ll take care of it.
  • Is the UC Davis Canva for Enterprise environment suitable for creating confidential documents? 
  • Yes, this tool has been approved by IET for security and risk. Unless the seat holder publishes their work to a shared folder, it will remain visible only to the seat holder.
  • Isn’t this a big expense for smaller cash-strapped units?
  • A Canva subscription remains less expensive than the Adobe CC subscription. It also offers greater ease of use, more sharing options, and is well suited for relatively simple projects.
  • If we don’t purchase this, will we still have access to UC Davis photos, logos and other resources in the Brand Communications Guide?
  • Absolutely!
  • Will documents created in Canva for Enterprise be sharable with others in the unit without accounts? If we make a great PowerPoint template for the department, can we share it with others who don't have Canva for Enterprise?
  • Yes, a template can be shared via a link to anyone with just a free Canva account. Additionally, you can download the design as a PDF or PPT and share it universally. See this video for extra help.



  • What information do I need to create a Canva for Enterprise account?
  • A UC Davis email address is required, and you must have completed the Canva for Enterprise subscription form with your department information and recharge number.
  • Can I merge accounts?
  • There is no way to merge accounts. The interface does enable users to toggle between accounts.
  • Can I transfer templates between accounts?
  • Yes. From one account, you can create a link to a template, then go into your other account and paste the link, which will create a clone of that template in the destination account.
  • Can I transfer ownership of files between team members?
  • Yes. You can refer to this Canva link for instructions on how to transfer ownership and what that does.
  • How should I upload logos (and vector assets) to my Canva account?
  • When working in print, all department logos and other non-photo graphic elements should be uploaded as vector files. While JPEGs and PNG files are used for electronic publication, vector files are scalable without losing resolution and produce better results in print publications.
    ​​​​To use your vector logos (file formats including .ai and .eps) in Canva, they must be converted to SVG files. Never use PNG, JPEG or other image versions of logos for print. You can refer to this Canva link for more help. 


  • Will there be Brand Kits developed for those who aren't using Canva for Enterprise? For example, for those who need to use InDesign, Photoshop, etc.?
  • The Brand Communications Guide provides trained designers with guidelines for producing on-brand materials for UC Davis. For non-designers or those looking for an expedient way to produce branded communications, we recommend getting a Canva account and using the available pre-approved templates. We do not offer templates for Adobe users at this time.
  • Must we have our own Brand Kit in order to use our unit’s logo?
  • No, you can always upload your own logos and assets into a folder and share with the right people on your unit/team. Brand Kits are useful for large units with many shared logos and a need to constrain color and font options. Units who don’t need their own Brand Kit can still upload their unit signature in a regular folder.
  • Does my department need a Brand Kit?
  • Larger units like CA&ES and DEVAR will need their own Brand Kit, but smaller units likely will not. Brand Kits have three main elements: colors, fonts and logos. Use the UC Davis Brand Kit when possible and avoid duplicating the kit, as it will not update when we make changes on our end. However, if colors or fonts need to be restricted for a unit’s users, you can duplicate the UC Davis Brand Kit and reduce or remove content until you are left with what you want members to use. Our goal is to limit the amount of Brand Kits created in order to reduce clutter and alternate colors or logos.
  • How do I create my department’s Brand Kit?
  • Only Canva administrators can create a new Brand Kit. Template designers have the capability to edit Brand Kits, but regular Members will not. If you want to create your own Brand Kit, you can contact an administrator Lexi Trucco (, Lori Arcangel Wright (, or to start building your own Brand Kit.
  • Will the Development Campaign Brand Kit also be added?
  • Yes, we are working with DEVAR to develop a Brand Kit for the Development campaign.
  • Can we add someone to our brand kit after it is already set up?
  • Yes, Please reach out to Canva administrators Lexi Trucco ( ), Lori Arcangel Wright (, or Jasmin Francis-Bush ( from Strategic Communications and they can send an invitation.
  • Can we have more than ten people on the same brand kit?
  • Yes, however you will need to pay for additional seat licenses beyond the ten allotted in the standard Brand Kit package.



  • Do you have any tips for working with logos and vector assets?
  • Yes! Logos and vector assets are used in the SVG file format in Canva. In order to create SVGs for upload: Remove unnecessary layers, stray anchor points, and invisible objects. Make sure to expand all strokes, paths, and text boxes (Select your artwork > Object > Expand). Group together shapes with the same color and avoid using textures and gradients. Scale your vector art to 200px wide. With your artwork selected, fit the artboard to your artwork (Object > Artboards > Fit to Selected Art). Save as an SVG file (profile of SVG 1.1 selected) with CSS Properties set to “Presentation Attributes.” SVG images must be under 3MB in size.
    When using an SVG asset within Canva, the artwork can be recolored and scaled like most other Canva elements. If you’re working with an SVG asset that has grouped vector objects within it, each group can be colored separately. For example, a unit logo signature SVG asset can have both Aggie Blue and Aggie Gold applied to different parts of it.
  • Do the animations created in a Canva presentation translate to PowerPoint?
  • No. For animated presentations, we recommend using the URL conversion option (that is, creating a web-based presentation with a shareable link).
  • My team has a lot of photos. Will we need to upload them to your campus repository or can we upload directly to Canva?
  • You can directly upload your folders to Canva.
  • How does a presentation template work for the rest of your team that isn't using Canva? How do they use the template? Does it just convert to PowerPoint?
  • You can convert to PowerPoint and you can also create the presentation as a shareable website link.
  • How does that work for someone who is going to a conference? Can they work through Canva to edit their document, then convert to PowerPoint and download it?
  • Yes, you can edit through Canva and then convert or publish as a landing page when ready to present.
  • For the option to create a webpage, will the URL remain active indefinitely? Or would we use these as a form of presentation only?
  • It is available indefinitely. If you delete the design or resave it in a new folder, the URL will no longer work.
  • How do I upload videos?
  • Check out this video starter pack that explains the process of uploading video.


  • Can I control group access for my department seats?
  • If you are an Administrator for your team's group, you can add Members to your group. Lexi Trucco ( ), or can help to create a group for your team. Provide the names/emails to one of these administrators and they can update group access and add or remove team members.



  • How is Canva connected to the campus printer?
  • Repro Graphics is the preferred campus printer. In order to print templates, download it as a PDF, choose CMYK, and print on an Office printer or send it to Repro Graphics or call them at 530-754-1010. If the color or image goes to the edge of the design on any side, that is called a “bleed” and such designs require crop marks.