Video Descriptions

Video descriptions are brief, written descriptions of important visual elements in a video. They are included in social media posts, usually after the initial post copy. When creating videos that have no dialogue, i.e., music and visuals only, it’s important to think about utilizing video descriptions to provide context about what is happening on screen. 

If you post videos to social media, you can find guidance about what to consider when writing video descriptions on the social media video descriptions page.

Video description example:


Good video description example:

Starting with a 90s-themed bouncing animation, the Real Places of UCD's introduction is set to a fun hip-hop soundtrack. Transitioning into the video, we meet two UC Davis students, Erick and Cecilia. Wearing matching red El Centro polos, the students give a tour in English and Spanish of the Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success Center, located on the second floor of the Memorial Union. The video also features three other staff members and showcases the center’s amenities like a computer lab, lounge area (including a hammock, study spaces, a small library, and offices. Throughout the video, additional details are shared about the center’s offerings in both graphic and audio formats.

Bad video description example:   

A tour of the Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success Center.


Why this is accessible: 

  • Describes the video content in chronological order
  • Describes location, people, graphics, and sounds 
  • Introduces the subjects and the purpose of the video

Why this is inaccessible: 

  • Could not rely on video description to fully understand the purpose of the video
  • Does not provide additional information to what would be included in the post caption