Editorial Style Guide: D

dance. For rules governing capitalization and type style of titles of ballets and other forms of dance, see the “dance” heading under the composition titles entry.

dash. See the “dash” heading under punctuation entry.

database. one word

dates, days. Follow guidelines under AP’s “dates,” “months” and “days of the week” entries. When using the name of a day, set the date within commas: On Wednesday, Oct. 5, she will appear.... Use cardinals, not ordinal numbers: Oct. 5 (not Oct. 5th).

Davis campus. The Davis campus (not “main campus”) is the designation for UC Davis facilities and programs in Davis. The Sacramento campus is the designation for UC Davis facilities and programs located in the area around Stockton Boulevard and Broadway in Sacramento, including the UC Davis Medical Center and UC Davis School of Medicine. Lowercase campus in all instances: the Davis campus.

deaf. Or hard of hearing. Not hearing impaired (per the UC Davis Disability Resource Center, 2000). Do not use deaf-mute or deaf and dumb.

Dean’s Honors List. Capitalize as shown (exception to AP style).

DeCarli Room. A room in the Memorial Union named for alumnus Dean DeCarli. (Notice there is no space between De and Carli.)

degrees. See the academic degrees entry.

departments. See the “campus departments and units” heading under the names entry.

diplomate. When used alone, lowercase, but capitalize in combination with the name of a granting organization (see fellow, fellowship entry). But capitalize if confusion could occur: a Distinguished Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine (Distinguished Diplomate is a specific title; capitalization prevents “distinguished” from being interpreted as an adjective).

disabilities. See stereotypes entry.

disc/disk. The preferred spelling for CDs and CD-ROMs (optical or laser-based media) is “disc.” “Disk” is preferred for floppy and hard drives (magnetic storage media).

diseases. See the stereotypes entry.

doctor. For press releases, use Dr. in the first reference as a formal title before the name of an individual who holds a doctor of medicine or veterinary medicine degree (see AP): Dr. Jonas Salk. For UC Davis Magazine and Dateline UC Davis, do not use Dr. (except in obituaries—see names, “individuals” heading), identifying individuals instead by title or profession: Dennis Styne, professor of pediatrics in the School of Medicine or physician Steven Smith.

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