Eggheads Anniversary and Year of the Eggheads marks

Year of the Eggheads Celebration Assets and Guidelines

Year of the Eggheads

Note: This is a living and periodically updated document.
Please check back for the latest.

Strategic Communications has entered into a partnership and licensing agreement with the Robert Arneson estate to develop and promote a limited-edition Arneson Egghead Collection of products. The launch of the collection will be supported by a “Year of The Eggheads” campaign celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Eggheads on campus, as well as a broader recognition of the vital role and legacy of the Arts at UC Davis.

The assets and guidelines offered below are all vetted and will ensure contract-safe use as campus units promote the celebration and product collection across their channels and locations.

Year of the Eggheads Celebration Assets

So what all will you find in the box?
  • "Year of the Eggheads" Celebration Style Guide
  • Environmental document with signage options (available for purchase from Repro Graphics) and examples of use
  • Graphic and typographic elements
    • Steven Noble Egghead illustrations
    • CMYK and RGB versions of all campaign marks (marks, celebration marks and celebration type treatments)
  • Approved photography
  • Digital assets
    • Zoom backgrounds/desktops
    • Banner ads for Web
      • Year of the Eggheads banner ad link agnostic
      • Egghead product banner ad link agnostic
    • Email header
    • Email Signature art

Additional Celebration Resources

Campaign Assets on Canva (requires enterprise account)
  • Campus Toolkit for Egghead Celebration with egghead art and celebration logos
  • Flyer template
  • 4x5 table topper template
  • Digital screen template 1920x1080
Coming soon! Additional Assets Available From Repro Graphics and IDME
  • Order signage from Repro Graphics, some of which is customizable, using Aggie Print
  • Request a limited set of exclusive promo items by contacting Jodi Gechtman at IDME.


FOA Guidelines for Temporary Environmental Signage

Please find the full interim (current, active) policy here.

Key Takeaways:

A-frames may be rented from Supply Chain Management, through AggieLogistics.

All movable signage (a-frames, pop-up banners and the like):

  • Must be placed in designated areas
  • Must not interfere with pedestrian traffic
  • Must not disrupt the conduct of University business
  • Must not create a safety hazard
  • Must be wind resistant
  • Must be free-standing and may not be tied or locked to trees, poles, bike racks, or other infrastructure

Any damaged posting must be removed. If not removed properly, Facilities Management may charge a removal fee.

Indoor signage
Any indoor signage must be approved by your building’s facility manager. Questions, contact Christina Blackman at Facilities Management.

Banners and large building graphics
Contact Kelly Nishimura at Campus Planning for guidance on placement and installation.


Email Signatures

Email signature Egghead icons are included in the Digital Assets folder in your download. Here's how to use them.

In your preferred email client, create a signature within the following parameters:

  • For font, use Calibri. Verdana is also acceptable.
  • Make all the text in your signature 12pt.
  • Bold your name at the top.
  • Include one of the email icons from the toolkit either above or below your signature text.

Here is an example of a completed signature (Note: do NOT copy and paste this text; instead, create the signature using the instructions above):

example of an email signature block including year of the eggheads celebration art