Communicating with Students

Communicating with Prospective and Admitted Students:
Nourishing a strong cohort

Shaping the next generation of Aggies is a team effort. Every one of us can help prospective students decide that a UC Davis degree is within reach and inspire those admitted to choose a future at UC Davis.

Tools for Campus Communicators

At the start of each recruitment cycle, Strategic Communications develops a messaging matrix, mood board and design templates to help provide a consistent voice and style to communications. If your team is hosting an event or program for this audience that’s not already part of Undergraduate Admissions’ marketing plan and you need a little extra support, use the Admissions Marketing Request form to tell us what you need once you have the logistics worked out!

UCD Mood Board

Promote Your Services

The Strategic Communications admissions marketing team relies on campus partners to keep us apprised of exciting new programs and point us to student profiles and resources that can help us tell inspiring stories. Current students, young alumni and parents of current students are wonderful ambassadors for the UC Davis experience.

During yield, we rely on your expertise more than ever. You and your students are best equipped to tell admitted students what day-to-day life is like on campus. Your students can share their experiences and talk about your services in terms that resonate.

We encourage every campus unit to have at least one team member participate in the annual Yield Task Force, an Undergraduate Admissions workgroup to coordinate campuswide efforts to yield our next cohort of undergraduates. Participation in the task force ensures you stay connected with our newest Aggies.

Together, we can create a sense of anticipation for our prospective students and excitement for admitted students.