Presentation Template

Standard PowerPoint template

PowerPoint template download

The PowerPoint template provided here is compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.

Please note, you will need to have the Proxima Nova font to use this template. Please see the Font Downloads sidebar on the main Templates page for more information.

Download the PowerPoint template for Office 2008 and above for Windows and Mac.

Once downloaded, double-click on the file to open a new Untitled presentation.

Customize your title slide

The template, above, can be customized with your own photos. We have provided an InDesign template to help you with this option. Just place your photos into the InDesign template and export the new file you created as a .jpg. Then import your .jpg into the PowerPoint template, above, and you will have your own, custom, title slide. Instructions are included in the download.

Download the accompanying InDesign custom title slide template for integration with the PowerPoint template above.